Myths, misconceptions, and superstitions often stigmatize animal breeds and coat colors.  Jean Stone, founder of Gentle Jake’s Coonhound Rescue, started researching the Coonhound breed after she adopted her first Bluetick Coonhound named Jake.  She was horrified at what she learned.  
“There were so many Coonhounds in shelters and not making it out because they couldn’t get people to adopt them.  So many people are under the misconception that hounds do not make good family pets.”

It was Jean’s love for Jake and her discovery of how much Coonhounds needed help that ignited Gentle Jake’s Coonhound Rescue.  She also found a small group of people that felt the same way.  “We formed Coonhound Companions, where we educate people on the wonderful qualities of hounds and promote responsible pet ownership, and share stories of how wonderful these dogs really are.”  Education is the first step to stomp misconceptions.

“Jake really inspired me to help more wonderful Coonhounds like him.  My rescue is named in his memory.”