When Spot was presented to SPARC (Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center) he was a puppy near death. After four days in the ICU SPARC's founder, Diane, was called to go to the hospital and "make a decision". The vet came out with fragile Spot in the palm of her hands. They had done all they could do. He had stopped eating on his own and was growing more lethargic by the hour. Wanting to give Spot a peaceful departure, Diane asked the doctor if she could take Spot home to be with his litter mates and let nature take its course. Because Spot was in no pain, and Diane could provide Spot with the care he needed, the doctor said yes. 

Spot was discharged from the hospital with a 10% chance of survival. 

As soon as Diane got home, she placed Spot in the pen with his littermates, thinking their presence would provide Spot with comfort. She then presented the puppies with a pan of food, and walked away for a few minutes. When she returned to the pen she saw something miraculous... Spot was at the pan eating (albeit slowly) with his brothers and sisters. Over the weeks that followed Spot began to eat more and more, and with each passing day he gained weight and strength.

Today Spot is up for adoption. With the work of the hospital, love of Diane, and support of his littermates, Spot beat the odds!

When I asked Diane why are you so passionate about rescue, she simply said, "So long as there are animals like Spot, who, with a little love and time could fight for their lives and make it, there should be people to give them the chance."