The story of Bo embodies why Animals R Family - a Connecticut based rescue focusing on Pit Bulls - was founded. Bo spent the first two years of his life chained outside of a "crack house" with no shelter. His owners beat him regularily, and the only food and water he got was from a neighbor who came to visit Bo every few daws. During the winter months Bo survived by curling in a ball - and you have to think - by clinging to the belief that his life would get better. 

Finally it did. 

Recently Animals R Family was able to pull Bo from this hellish life and give him a chance to start over. He is currently living with a foster family - and thriving! He loves everyone - especially kids. He is regularly heard "talking" to his canine sisters (probably giving them typical brotherly advice). He loves them so much that he even allows them to steal food, treats and toys right out of his mouth. Bo truly has nothing but pure love for everyone. 

The founder of Animals R Family - Nicole - says, "I have dedicated my life to rescuing pit bull-type dogs, because they show only love and affection, no matter what they have been though". And Bo is a testament to this. 

If you are interested in adopting Bo - please email Any family would be lucky to swoop up this beautiful boy!