Today's ResQtail is about Apache. He is no longer with us, but his story embodies why Paws Founder JoDell got into rescue and continues to dedicate her time to savings animals in need. 

This beautiful boy beat the odds. After living with a collector and spending the first 6 years of his life confined to a small rabbit hutch, he was rescued by Paws Animal Rescue in Texas. Although he was in rough shape when rescued, suffering from muscular atrophy and other ailments, Apache blossomed in the home of Paws Founder JoDell. After months of working with him, and showering him with oodles of love (JoDell describers Apache as having the "loudest purr of any cat I have ever heard"), Apache gained strength in his body. He was able to run, play and even jump on the couch! He was very social - both with cats and people - and lived out his second life happily by the side of JoDell. 

If you want to learn more about Paws Rescue in Texas - you can get more info here