There are many different reasons people choose to dedicate their lives to animal rescue. For Ken and Martie, the reason was the near loss of one of their dogs. When Martie’s deaf Pomeranian, Moxie, got loose she had her first experience with 'The System'. After posting “lost dog” signs, and seeing no results, a local shop owner recommended that Martie visit the local shelter.

It was there, among crates of dogs, that Martie discovered the shelter was not even trying to reconnect the dogs with their owners. When she asked for help from the staff she was told, “Your dog ain’t here.” Undeterred, she went cage by cage, for two and a half hours, searching for her dog. She showed every person at the shelter a picture of Moxie and finally one helpful volunteer took her in the back where she found her dog. Moxie had been labeled “defective” because of her deafness and was slated for euthanization. 

Finding Moxie gave Martie a cause to follow. She signed up as a volunteer at a shelter and discovered that hundreds of animals are killed each week. The reality of this experience inspired Ken and Martie to take action, and in 2007 they founded their own animal rescue, Ken-Mar Rescue. 

Since then - with the help of a group of amazing volunteers and foster families - they have given over 500 dogs a second chance at life. Here is saved dog #500. Her name is Pure Panache Panini. It's a mouthful - but she sure is cute!