Lulu HobersThe story of LuLu is the perfect ResQtail for a Friday and it comes to us from our friends at Ontario Bloodhound Rescue.

During the first year of her life, Lulu was shuffled between 8 homes. Yes, Lulu was a bit wild and misbehaved. And yes, she had her insecurities. But she was a puppy and just needed a loving family to show her patience and understanding! The madness finally stopped when she met her soon-to-be mom, Rebecca. It was love at first sight. As soon as Rebecca met Lulu, she knew she was going home.

They had a few rough patches where Lulu's behavior pushed Rebecca to the edge (I think we've all been there with our furry babies) - but just when Rebecca felt like giving up, Lulu turned her big brown eyes on Rebecca and all was forgiven. “Nothing can compare to that look,” Rebecca says.

So it goes without saying - Lulu and Rebecca are living happily ever after :) 

One of the very cool parts of this story is the impact that Lulu had on Rebecca. After seeing what second chances could do for a dog (this was Rebecca's first rescue) - she wanted to give the same chance to more animals. This is when she decided to become a foster with Ontario Bloodhound Rescue. To date Rebecca and Lulu have fostered - and helped find furever homes for - 15 dogs. Nice going ladies - you're amazing!