Last month, through our partnership with Jackson Galaxy, we were lucky enough to be introduced to Motley Zoo Animal Rescue. When we asked the founder Jme Thomas, "How did you get into rescue?" she said, “Accidentally”.

Over 6 years ago Jme received an email entitled – “These Dogs Will Die Today”. Taking the message very literally – and feeling like it was her mission to help any way she could – Jme rushed to the shelter and brought home a foster.

The experience was life changing and inspired her to found Motley Zoo. To date the group – under the direction of Jme – has rescued over 1,000 animals (many of which have spent at least some time being fostered by Jme personally).

One of the animals that came through Motley Zoo – and had an extra special impact on Jme – was Benjamin Button (pictured above). Despite being – errrr, a little stinky – Jme says:

"He was this tiny puppy, so bald and smelly because of demodex mange. He looks like a little old man stuffed into a puppy-sized body. He was so funny and cute. I didn't care how much he smelled (which was pretty bad), or how greasy and flakey he was. People were afraid to touch him and would pull their dogs away if they wanted to sniff him. It didn't matter what we said, people were repulsed, but I just loved him. To this day I run into him often at the vet, and he is still an oddball of a dog. He looks like a hot dog shaped pug. He is very spoiled and loved, and he remembers me every time. This is what rescue is about- the sad "befores", to the happy "afters"- and every moment in between. They are all precious and I cannot believe I am lucky enough to have discovered this kind of work so accidentally. My life has so much purpose, I always joke you couldn't actually pay me to do anything else ;)"

Benjamin Button – and all the other animals – are very lucky to have Jme .