Today we are officially launching a new blog series: ResQtails. Through this series we are going to tell the stories of the groups we support and look at the situations, events and animals that inspired the individuals at the groups to dedicate so much of their lives to saving homeless pets. 

I will start off the storytelling... As it was 4 years ago to the day (tomorrow) that we adopted our big, black, ball of love Charlie. He's a star and the experience is what led to the founding of ResQthreads. 

So, when I was in grad school I worked for a woman who was finishing her dissertation at Columbia Teacher’s College. She was a rescuer of Basenjis – and lover of dogs generally. In between working moments we often talked about dogs – and I shared my love for Chow Chows. A few months after I had graduated and was working at a midtown hedge fund, I got a message from her. “I’ve found you the perfect dog. He was wearing an ‘adopt me’ jacket and needs a home”. Not believing that I would have time for a dog, I said no. She was persuasive, and convinced me to check him out online. I immediately fell in love. I told my future husband (Greg) – “It’s fate – we have to adopt this dog”. Greg said, “OK, if that’s how you feel…. We've got to have him!”

A couple of days later Greg and I ventured up to the Upper West Side in Manhattan to meet Charlie (we were living in Brooklyn at the time). Upon meeting Charlie I gave him a bunch of kisses, took him for a walk, called Greg to confirm "this is our baby and we're adopting him", and he was ours. The first night he pranced back and forth on the wood floors of our Brooklyn apartment - prompting Greg (who admittedly didn't have that much experience with dogs) to ask, "Is this prancing going to happen every night?" I laughed and said, "Charlie's just feeling the place out... He will settle down in a couple of days". A couple of days later - with the help of a nice selection of chew toys and bones - Charlie was happy in his new home!

Since the day we adopted Charlie, he has brought so much happiness to our lives and - with ResQthreads - I really wanted to encourage other people to adopt. There are so many animals that need homes and I believe that giving an animal a second chance at life/a home/love can really transform your own life and make it better.