We love discovering new vendors that cater to animals and their cause.  Our latest puptastic find is Pits & Posh, which carries a large selection of bow ties and flowers for dogs!  These fun and dapper designs will make your pooch stand out at any occasion. And the best part is that $4 from every purchase goes to the animal rescue of your choice. 

Pits & Posh founder, Valerie, has been active in animal rescue for years.  It started when she adopted her first dog, Spencer, when she was seventeen.  After Spencer’s passing, she adopted another dog, Mia, a sweet Pitbull.  It was Valerie’s love for Mia and her fascination with the Pitbull breed that lead to her volunteering in animal rescue.  

Shortly after, Valerie created Pits & Posh.  “Pits & Posh is the physical result of the love that the dogs in my life have fostered. During my years of volunteering, I saw the need for funding and the need for adoptions to take place. I decided to try and find a way to use my talents and experience in a way that could help support both of those needs,” she said.  Valerie makes monetary donations to rescue organizations with profits from Pits & Posh.  In addition, her adorable bow ties and flowers have been used in photoshoots for dogs awaiting adoption.  They encapsulate each dog’s personality, thus appealing to their future forever home.

“As Pits & Posh continues to grow - we will continue to donate a percentage of all proceeds to assist in dog rescues. Pits & Posh is founded on the desire to help dogs. As we grow, so does that desire,” declares Valerie.  That desire to help homeless animals is addictive.  We should know!