Let’s face it - this winter has been brutally cold.  When braving the outdoors, we want to keep toasty warm.  Midwest Crochet offers a wide selection of fashionable cold-weather accessories to get you through the winter and early spring.  Michele, Founder/Owner/Master-Crocheter, of Midwest Crochet has teamed up with ResQthreads to bring you fabulous pieces that are colorful, bold, and youthful in design.  Every Midwest Crochet piece you purchase through ResQthreads, a donation will be given to the rescue of your choice.

After moving to Illinois, Michele left the television industry to devote all her time to Midwest Crochet.  And it has been a dream come true.  “Last year I was a featured shop in the Etsy Pavilion at the One Of A Kind Chicago showcase at Merchandise Mart, which was a huge success. I LOVE crochet and sometimes have to pinch myself that I actually see people wearing my creations,” said Michele.  Working from home allows her her to spend time with her Toy Poodle, Layla.  “She is my everything!” Michele gushed.  Don’t worry - Layla supervises Michele’s crocheting to make sure each piece is perfection.

Michele caught the “do-good” bug.  She wants to help animals awaiting adoption in shelters, so she teamed up with ResQthreads to give you a colorful selection of accessories.  “Having Layla is kind of what sparked my passion for rescues. The more I learned the more my heart just breaks for these babies. I wish I had a big enough house to adopt them all, or at least a lot of them. So the next best thing is to team up with companies like ResQThreads to support those who can help these babies,” explains Michele.  And we’re glad she did!