In rescue work, it is every volunteer’s fairy tale ending to see the animals whom they care for find loving forever homes, that no animal is left behind.  Likewise, it is the animal’s fairy tale ending find that perfect home where he can meet his human friends after long day of work, be a companion, make his family smile, give and receive love.  It was for these reasons animal love Kim Kehoe advocates for Brightside Animal Center.

Hobart, aka Hobart the Huge, was brought intoBrightside Animal Center’s hospice care program (known as "fosprice" for fur + hospice) last year.  He had an enormous tumor on his leg.  Kim cared for him for six months, while her co-worker cared for Hobart three months.  Kim was drawn to Hobart.  She could tell he had a gentle soul.  Kim brought him home for Thanksgiving so Hobart would have a soft, warm place stay for awhile.  She couldn’t stand to think of him staying in a shelter, especially since his chances of adoption were slim.  At Kim’s, Hobart befriended a mini-Aussie named feather.  They became best pals and playmates!  

On August 27, 2013, Hobart passed away with his fospice family.  He was surrounded by loved ones when he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Equally important, Hobart spent the remainder of his life in a home with kind folks and unconditional love.