A concerned neighbor found Luna crying, skinny, shivering, and practically hairless outside of an apartment building. The neighbor immediately contacted West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue, by whom Luna was rescued. Luna’s former owners dumped her outside after they had a baby.  She was left to brave the elements and nearly starved. Poor Luna was cold, balding, and malnourished when West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue stepped up to the plate.

When Luna was put into a foster home, she began to purr. Although she didn’t understand why she was dispossessed once the new baby arrived in her home, Luna accepted human love once again. She had a severe flea allergy which caused her to lose her fur. She also had sores all over her body. During Luna’s time in a foster home, she put on much needed weight. Her fur started to go back, too. At one of West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue’s adoption sites, Luna found her perfect forever home! 

Luna’s forever mom wrote, “I adopted Luna about a month after my kitty of sixteen years passed away. We wanted an adult cat. My mother saw Luna and we instantly fell in love with her scruffy self. She was still growing fur back and was skittish, but we took her anyway. I had never seen volunteers get so excited over an adoption.  It’s been four months and I’m glad we went to WCDC. We have a playful, cuddly girl for our family who was truly loved by her foster parents and the volunteers. And now us.”