In 2005, Debbie started volunteering with rescues when she met other animal lovers whom also worked with rescues. “It is such an incredible feeling to save a life and find a new family for that pet - knowing I made that difference in the lives of the cat and new family,” said Debbie. While volunteers love all animals they help, some hold a special place in the heart. Debbie’s special kitty was a foster cat named Max.

“Max came to me with his ribs showing. He was declawed and had teeth missing,” said Debbie. Not only was Max malnourished when he arrived in Debbie’s home, he was very ill, too. Debbie went above and beyond caring for him.  “I slept with him for days to make sure he would eat and drink,” she said. Slowly, Max started to gain weight.  He had a dental to fix his teeth, which warranted a few extractions. However, it was discovered that Max had CRF.

Max stayed with Debbie for four years. Not only did he have the aforementioned health conditions, he also had heart problems. “No one wanted to adopt him,” Debbie recalled. Max had to be hospitalized for a week when he refused to eat.  He had started to lose weight. Debbie visited Max at the hospital every day. Max’s overseeing veterinarian and staff showed Debbie how to administer Sub-Q fluids so she could bring him home. Unfortunately, Max passed away.  

The vet told Debbie that Max may have been 16-years-old. She did the best she could for him. “I never found him that perfect home, but he was safe with me,” reflected Debbie. She showed Max nothing but unconditional love. Whether Debbie realizes it or not, Max did find the perfect home with her.