Evo & Eli’s Love Box accomplishes their mission by asking individuals to donate new or gently used items, which are sent to qualified rescues and shelters. These items could be leashes, feeding bowls, food, treats, dog beds, blankets, etc.  They also have a sanctuary for all ages of dogs and special needs including, but not limited to, fear biting, blindness, deafness, dogs that are terminally ill, those in need of hospice care. 

So what was the inspiration to Evo and Eli’s Love Box?

Evo and Eli, two very young dachshunds, were dumped at a shelter by a disreputable breeder. They were deemed unsellable by the breeder because Evo and Elio had not been treated for demodex mange.  Evo and Eli were allowed to scratch and itch so much that they lost their hair and were covered in scabs. How sad to go through that, only being a puppy! 

A rescue pulled them from the shelter and provided treatment. With the proper medication their hair started to grow back. There were some bald spots, but the medicine and lots of love made a difference.  Evo and Eli were able to be happy pups without spending their days scratching.

The two dachshunds were inseparable. They did everything together because of their special bond. If they could not see each other they would cry and whine until they found one another. If Evo had a vet appointment, Eli would have to go along because, if left behind, Evo would destroy his crate pad and blanket, while bloodying his paws trying to get out of his kennel to find his brother. 

It was thought that Evo and Eli would one day be adopted into a forever family spending their days being loved and cared for.  They deserved that much.  However, this was not their fate.

Evo got sick very quickly and was taken to the vet. Their foster mom, Georgeanne, was told that Evo had an enlarged heart and was dying. She had to face a hard decision.  Knowing that Evo was suffering, Georgeanne held Evo, telling him he was a good boy and that she loved him while he passed over to the Rainbow Bridge on December 4, 2010.

After Evo’s passing Georgeanne wanted to do something in his memory.  She thought of Evo’s Love Box, knowing that Evo and Eli never had anything of their own before coming into rescue. Georgeanne thought it would be a great idea to collect items for other needy dachshunds.  Evo and Eli had only dreamed of a soft bed, new collars, and lots of toys!  

Eli mourned for his brother for weeks. He lamented Evo, walking around all day whining.  Eli would not sleep or eat for 2 days. Heartbroken Eli looked daily for his brother. He would go to Evo’s crate, look for him in his old bed, on and behind the couch, and check every blanket in every room. Evo was nowhere to be found. Georgeanne continued to console Eli and tell him that his brother was not there.  Still, Eli would not give up looking for Evo.

On December 31st at 1:30am, Eli woke Georgeanne. She thought he might have to potty, so she put on her slippers and picked him up to take him outside. As Georgeanne carried Eli down the hallway, she could feel his heart beating fast.  At first, she thought he must really be excited about going outside. When they came back inside, Eli went to bed with his foster parents.  Georgeanne knew something wasn’t right.  She could hear Eli breathing fast and heavy. Georgeanne decided that she would call her vet, Dr. Shew, to see what she thought about his breathing. Dr. Shew recommended that Eli be taken to the Mountain View Animal Emergency Clinic. Georgeanne and Eli hurried to the Emergency Vet. Eli was quickly evaluated and Dr. Maria Ciaravella told Georgeanne the bad news.  Eli had an enlarged heart just like his brother. The emergency vet tried several things, but Eli was not responding to the medicine. For a second time in a month, Georgeanne had to help another baby cross over to the Rainbow Bridge. During this terrible moment of helping Eli make his transition, Georgeanne was greeted by a warm smile.  Dr. Heidi Mostoller had arrived.  She was the vet that helped when Evo went to the Rainbow Bridge. Georgeanne held Eli as he went to the Rainbow Bridge, telling him how brave he was,  that he was loved, and he would finally find his brother waiting for him at the Rainbow Bridge.

In honor of these two brothers, Calvin and Georgeanne Forsythe created Evo & Eli’s Love Box. This Love Box will allow their love to be passed onto those other babies in need (dogs/cats) who are cared for by loving foster parents. Inside of Evo & Eli’s Love Box are items like sweaters, collars, leashes, squeaky toys, soft beds, fleece blankets, gift certificates to pet stores, et cetra - depending on donations.

[If you would like to donate to the Love Box, please contact Calvin or Georgeanne at EvoAndElisLoveBox@yahoo.com OR MAIL ITEMS TO: