Valerie Wilson gets an unexplainable joy in helping animals. She is an outreach volunteer at People for Animals, a high volume, low cost spay and neuter clinic. People for Animals’ mission is to lower the euthanasia rates of cats and dogs in New Jersey by preventing unwanted litters. Not only does the clinic benefit animals, but pet owners, too. “Spay and neuter is not the glamorous, cute and cuddly side of animal welfare, but we see our fair share of heart wrenching stories,” Valerie said. It may not be glamorous, but nonetheless, it spaying and neutering is vital.

On Veteran’s Day, People for Animals offered free surgery to the pets of U.S. Veterans. Kitty was one of their Vet Pet patients. During surgery, it was discovered that Kitty had a life threatening infection in her uterus. Had Kitty not been at People for Animals that day getting spayed, the infection could have taken her life. This was possible because of donations collected to offer Veteran Pets free spays and neuters.

People for Animals doesn’t need a holiday to help pets and owners. They regularly see clients that could otherwise not afford basic care, such as spay or neuter and vaccinations. Recently, People for Animals assisted an unemployed carpenter spay and neuter his two female and male Mastiffs - which accidently created too many litters of puppies.  All three adults were fixed. There was no cost to the owner, thanks to generous donations. Similarly, a supporter of the organization reached out to someone posting “Free Puppies” on a social networking website. Peoplefor Animals took the puppies into their adoption program.

In addition to the clinic, People for Animals also has a small dog rescue, which takes in mostly senior and medically challenged dogs. “From time to time, we also will help a cat in need. Meme is our resident cat.  She was severely neglected and left abandoned. She needed help. Meme is currently available for adoption, in need of a calm home,” said Valerie. Her message to animal welfare supporters: “Please don’t forget to support your local low cost spay/neuter provider, as well as your local animal shelter. It takes working together to rescue and prevent homeless animalsto decrease the rate of euthanasia in our country's shelters.”