A few years ago, Kimberly Zastawny and her husband decided to adopt sibling dogs. Although they weren’t swayed toward a specific breed, the Zastawnys were searching for furry companions on the smaller side. Kimberly reached out to manyshelters. Some didn’t respond. Theshelters that did respond told her the dogs she was interested in were already adopted. A rescue in Long Island stated she was allowed to adopt one dog, but not two since so many people wanted to adopt dogs. Kimberly was frustrated. “This seemed insane to me,” said she said 

After doing some more searching Kimberly found a rescue based out of Indiana that assisted breeders out of the breeding business. “Rather than selling their dogs to other breeders or killing them, Adopt-A-Lab would take the dogs and place them in homes. We were able to adopt the most adorable Shih Tzu brothers!” Kimberly stated.

Kimberly’s dog search opened her eyes to common problems animal rescues face. She realized thatshelters could be short on volunteers or lacking the proper advertising they desperately need to show they exist. Kimberly wanted to help them all. So, she started the website http://www.forthegoodoftheanimals.weebly.com, listing over 300 shelters throughout New Jersey and New York City. Soon after, Kimberly found her passion forevent planning and thought she could help animals by throwing fundraisingevents for shelters and rescues. “I was able to touch many more human and animal lives this way,” said Kimberly. 

With Shelter Love Events taking the reins of throwing fundraisers, sheltervolunteers can spend more time with the animals. Not only does ShelterLove Events raise donations, but it also markets the shelter or rescue’s name to the public, giving animals a better chance of finding a home. Though Kimberly doesn’t have “real” experience or background, she managed to raise over $4,000 of combined monetary and physical donations at one event!