Kida, an adult Shiba Inu, was abandoned on Seattle Humane’s doorstep with no information except a white-brushed muzzle that told volunteers she was in her golden years. By the looks of Kida’s swollen face and skinny stature, it was clear that she needed immediate care.

Seattle Humane’s veterinary team quickly tended to Kida and found several infected teeth. Medication was given to ease her pain and encourage her to eat. Due to concerns about her age (estimated at 12 years old) and malnourished condition, the veterinarian suggested that Kida regain her strength prior to undergoing dental surgery. Kida was placed in a loving foster home. After several weeks, and several ounces gained, she returned to the shelter and had 14 teeth extracted.

Fully recovered, Kida quickly emerged as the little spitfire her breed is known for. No longer in pain, she was eager to explore, play fetch, and even cause a little trouble. Her foster family fell in love with Kida’s spunky ways and adopted her. Kida is now happy, healthy, and enjoying the rest of her days as a cherished family member.