Kittens should spend their days perfecting their pounce, not struggling to survive on the streets. But that’s exactly where Hobbit was found. He was injured and alone at just 3 days old. Luckily, Hobbit was brought to the Seattle Humane by a Good Samaritan who knew volunteers would give him the special care he desperately needed.

Because Hobbit was only a few days old, he needed to be fed around-the-clock until he was strong enough to eat on his own. However, as he grew, it became apparent that something was wrong with Hobbit’s left hind leg. Even though he was spunky and energetic, Seattle Humane’s veterinarian discovered that Hobbit’s leg was severely fractured.  The leg would need to be amputated. Following his surgery, Hobbit was slow to recover and needed the extra care of a volunteer foster family to help him adjust to life on three legs.

Within a few weeks, Hobbit was navigating his cat tree like a pro and was ready to be adopted. Back at the shelter, his playful antics with a fellow kitten captured the attention of his special someone. He was adopted with his playmate! They are thriving together in a family of their own.