A little love and a full belly can go a long way. It is the simplest things in life that make a world of difference, for human or animal. Kat Findley of Port Aux Basques and Area Scaredy Cat Rescue had a life changing experience while helping helping a colony of cats and kittens at Isle Aux Mort in August 2012. Little did she know her experience would affect the lives of cats and people.

Kat visited Isle Aux Mort with an acquaintance. Together they caught five kittens and two mother cats. Kat had no idea where she was going to put the rescued kitties. “At the time I wasn’t working.  My family and I were surviving off my husband’s military pension. I was so worried about being able to feed them [the cats] and how we would afford medical bills,” Kat remembered. Luckily, help was on the way.

Kat reached out to Scaredy Cat Rescue in Cornerbrook. She had supported the organization’s efforts for several months. Kat believed in what Scaredy Cat Rescue set out to accomplish. She also wondered why Port Aux Basques, a good-sized community, didn’t have a cat rescue of their own. Kat took charge.  “I figured I’d give it a shot,” said Kat. “What’s the worst that could happen? At the very least we could save these seven!” That evening Kat began a Facebook group posting pleas for food and litter. She also requested people to spread the word that help was needed for the seven cats she rescued.

At first, Kat’s pleas received a weary response. Many thought she was running a scam to solicit money from kind-hearted people. It took some convincing, but Kat and the Scaredy Cat Rescue community set the facts straight, legitimizing Kat’s efforts.She received an amazing surprise the following morning when a box of food was delivered. “Well, at least now we know we can feed them,” Kat sobbed.

So, what happened to the lucky seven that snowballed the creation of Port Aux Basques and Area Scaredy Cat Rescue? One of the momma cats, Emily, was completely abandoned several years prior. She had a harsh life living outdoors. Kat and crew reported that Emily was happily adopted to an older woman that needed companionship. All five kittens were adopted, two in Port Aux Basques, three in surrounding towns. The other momma cat stayed with Kat. She was entirely feral. However, over time, she has gotten to love attention and has been slowly exploring her new home.

Since August 2012, Port Aux Basques and Area Scaredy Cat Rescue saved over 80 cats and kittens and completed 19 TNRs. Times are rough and the organization has had difficulty. “We need food, litter, and money, but most of all we need foster homes,” said Kat. She can’t thank everyone enough that has given a nickel, fostered, or adopted. It means more than words. “I have seen the best and worst in people, but I have been blessed to see the change that a little love and a fully belly can make in the life of a cat,” Kat stated. A little bit of love goes a long way.