All it takes is the curiosity of one child to make an impact in many lives.  Irma Podesta’s life changed because of her son, Sebastian.  He would pass by a house with ten cats each morning on his way to school.  Sebastian met the owner and talked to her daily.  As it turned out, the caretaker of the ten cats was a woman named Helene, Vice President of Save A Gato.  Helene invited Sebastian to become a volunteer.  Soon after the invitation, Sebastian and Irma started helping the kitties at Save A Gato.  

Within a few weeks, Irma and Sebastian started fostering cats.  One of their first fosters was a mommy and her five kittens.  Unfortunately, four out of the five kittens passed away.  “We felt so attached to the kitten who survived.  Since she was only weeks old, we knew she was the strong one,” said Irma.

The kitten was a fighter and developed an equally strong personality.  Irma and Sebastian named their courageous kitten Yuma.  When Yuma was healthy and ready for adoption, they took her back to the shelter.

As anyone that has fostered knows, seeing your furry friend go into another home is difficult.  Very difficult.  “I received a call from another volunteer,” reflected Irma.  “Yuma was going to be adopted.”  Irma listened to her heart and prevented the adoption.  “I just felt so attached to that kitten that I had to keep her!”  Soon enough, Yuma was back home with Irma and Sebastian.  They changed her name to Tremenda, meaning tremendous in English, because she was acting spoiled.

Tremenda has been quite the traveller, too.  When she wants to visit her grandmother, Tremenda takes the elevator to the 5th floor where Irma’s mother resides.  This happens so frequently that the neighbors know where Tremenda is going when they see her in the elevator.  This spunky kitty touched the lives of those around her.

“Thanks to Save A Gato, I now have five cats, all rescued.  Many of the cats living on the streets of Old San Juan have been rescued, too,” said Irma.  Because of Save AGato, Irma’s hard work, and Sebastian’s curiosity, Tremenda survived the streets.