Dawn Kavanaugh was always around animals, growing up and while working. When she was in college earning her M.Ed., she spent extra time with cat rescue in rural New York. She soon realized that working with children was not for her. Dawn settled into non-profit work, started a Homeless Shelter, directed a Montessori School, amongst other “high-end jobs.”

Each night Dawn went home to her husband and two cats. She remembered saying to her husband, “I would just love to run an animal rescue.” Dawn continued volunteer work with animals. When she moved to Arizona, she became involved with a few rescues that focused mostly on cats.

Dawn worked at a great non-profit while volunteering heavily rescue. An opportunity presented itself. She was a job as a Director at a smaller Grassroots rescue. Ecstatic, Dawn accepted the position. She ran the rescue for three years, in which she created a marketing and capital campaign with volunteers and created a beautiful shelter. Dawn thought her work was done. She couldn’t have been more wrong!

Sick of the drama, Dawn walked away from the rescue. Fifty people followed her. It was then Dawn’s life calling was answered. “With the support and love of all these people, we started an incredible venture [in] October 2010. All About Animals Rescue was born out of a love and desire to focus, well, all about animals. We have saved over 4000 lives in three years! We adore animals with special needs and actually have a volunteer pilot that helps us by flying animals with a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia to our rescue. We also have a fondness for purebred animals - cats and large dogs.”

Pictured is Dawn’s soulmate and first purebred cat whom was scheduled to be euthanized because she had IBD.  She is the inspiration for all of Dawn’s work saving special needs animals.