02, Mar, 2021

LSD Tripping: How Does it Feel Like?

Many people who want to take acid (LSD) wonder what an acid trip is like? When you are getting high on acid, otherwise known as LSD, it is called an acid trip. It may also be referred to as a psychedelic experience. However, the technical term is LSD intoxication. LSD is known as a hallucinogen.

What Does it Feel Like?

Keep in mind that acid trips are long. They will last between eight and twelve hours. Plus, there are distortions in how you perceive time, which could make it seem like it lasts a lot longer. Many people will wonder how much acid to take. The more acid you take, the more extreme your trip will be. If you are using acid for the first time, you should not take a lot. 

A high could be very enjoyable and happy. However, the person must be in a good mood, and those around the person should be in a happy mood as well. However, when someone is in a bad mood or is unsettled, the trip could turn bad. Having low moods is not a good time to take acid. 

Effects of Acid 

People who take LSD will experience an array of side effects. Some are more common than others. Some side effects are only going to appear if the person uses LSD in high doses for extended periods of time. Those who use occasionally will notice:

  • Hallucinations 
  • Euphoria
  • Paranoia 
  • Sensory Distortion 

These are the psychological effects that someone using acid may notice. There are physical effects that can be experienced as well:

  • Increase in heart rate 
  • Sweating 
  • Increase in body temperature 
  • Dehydration 

Those who use LSD often and in high doses will have more serious effects such as:

Why People Take Acid 

Many people will use LSD for social reasons. They are using it recreationally without the intent of addiction. People will also use acid because they believe it can help them gain insight into the universe, their lives, and be more spiritual. 

Those who use LSD chronically like to be excited because they do not always know what is going to happen next. Each trip is different and offers different senses. However, some people do not like tripping on acid. They can find it scary even if they do not have a bad trip. People who dislike acid often do not like how it distorts your thoughts and time perception. If you are a person who enjoys knowing what is going to happen, you should not take acid. Acid is unpredictable. You will not know what will happen during a trip. 

Good Trip vs. Bad Trip

Many people hear how good a trip can be and forget there are bad trips. Many people who experience good trips describe it as being in a dream. You are happy and enjoying your time. However, a bad trip is described as a bad dream. You are frightened, you do not know what is going on, and you are paranoid. These are feelings that occur during your trips.