02, Mar, 2021

Did You Hear About Geeking?


The drug epidemic in the United States continues despite awareness and rehabilitation programs put into place. Lawmakers have been trying to introduce new measures to not only increase knowledge but to meet the demands created by sick and impaired users of many different types of substances. Many of the addictive drugs available are not new; they have been around for a very long time; some even were once a part of everyday life. We had elixirs with opium for coughs, Coca Cola for a time added real cocaine to its beverage, and we are finding out that many pain medications are creating addictions. There is no simple resolution, but awareness is a starting point.

What is Geeking?

Geeking is binging on crack. Meaning the crack user consumes a large amount of crack cocaine in a short amount of time. The high is much more intense and lasts for a very short time, so the users do more to stay high. This can last for several days. Often the drug user doesn’t stop smoking the drug until they either run out of money or become too ill to continue smoking.

When geeking on crack users tend to get paranoid, and it can get severe. It can even become a type of psychosis. Thankfully it is often short-lived. However, it can cause the user to become depressed and even suicidal.

What is Crack Cocaine?

Crack is cocaine that has been made into crystals that are called rocks. To get high, the user heats chucks of the substance and inhales the smoke that comes off the drug. The high produced from smoking the fumes is much more addictive than the powder form of cocaine.

Cracked was formulated because snorting cocaine caused severe damage to the nasal cavities, so crack cocaine was an attempt to find a better way to do the drug.  Users decided to mix coke with baking soda to form the rocks that could be smoked. It was also a way to cut costs. It was found that smoking the fumes created a much more intense high, but it lasted a very short time.

Crack addicts have been known to go to any lengths to get money to get more crack. Many will cheat, lie, steal, pawning their property, and even prostitution. The need to get more crack can be consuming.

Effects of Geeking

Cocaine has significant adverse effects on the heart and blood vessels and has many other adverse short and long term effects on users.

  • It causes high blood pressure
  • Rapid, irregular heartbeat
  • Intense headaches
  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Pupil dilation
  • Loss of appetite
  • Lowers inhibitions
  • Impairs judgment
  • Causes permanent kidney and liver damage
  • Some users may become violent and aggressive

Geeking is an even more dangerous form of an already highly addictive substance. It lowers the ability to make good or even rational decisions. There have been deaths attributed to mixing heroin with cocaine called ‘speedballing’.